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Seongnam city is located

Seongnam city is located in the center of Korea in the Gyeonggi province.
The city is located 26km southeast of Seoul, and close to the Han River.

To the east of Seongnam City, Gwangju and Hanam cities are located, to the west, there are Uiwang and Gwacheon cities, to the South, there is Yongin City and to the North, Seocho-gu and Songpa-gu of Seoul Metropolitan City are located.

Due to the geographic advantage of the city’s proximity of Seoul, the city offers convenient transportation. Seongnam City is the center of logistics with diverse potentials for development, and the city is also equipped with highly qualified human resources. Excellent residential areas and numerous culture centers also add attractiveness to this city. Seongnam City ranks as a city with the most satisfactory living conditions.

Seongnam City is one of the core cities in the metropolitan areas and it is within a 25-minute drive from downtown Seoul. The population of Seongnam City is 960,000 and it is engaged in international exchanges with 6 cities in 6 countries.

Seongnam City is equipped with high-tech information industry complexes like Pangyo Techno Valley, Yatap Valley and Uirye Medi-Bio Valley, and is the hub of Korea’s high tech industries and research. Moreover, the city is putting in a lot of efforts to preserve our ecology, and it focuses on being an environmental-friendly city where nature and human beings coexist in harmony. In addition, it is a city of culture and arts where various performances and exhibitions are hosted all year round.

The following are brief description of a few main events among the various festivals and exhibitions held in Seongnam City.

Seongnam Culture & Arts Festival is where Seongnam Arts groups and citizens form a harmony and various cultural events such as the Opening Ceremony, various events for experiences, arts and photo exhibitions, music festivals, Gukak festival, plays and movie festivals are hosted.

Seongnam Folk Handicraft Festival aims to exhibit and pass down the knowledge of traditional folk handicraft to the next generations, and all are worth seeing.

There are also few historical sites that tourists must visit.

Our city has many historical sites including Bongguksa Temple, a Buddhist temple which was built in the end of Joseon Dynasty, and Namhansanseong which was built in 672AD is a fortress wall where you can feel the spirit, culture and history of Korea.

We also have an engraved image of Buddha in Manggyeongam Temple where kings of the Josen Dynasty visited to pray for peace among the common people in the early 18th century. Cheonggye Mountain is also adored by many mountain climbers who love its clean water and fresh air.

Yuldong Park which is Seongnam’s most famous park that enables families to enjoy outdoor activities such as bungee jumping against the backdrop of a beautiful lake and a wetland. Yuldong Park also houses the Book Theme Park which was built to encourage readings, to host exhibitions, performances and an International Book Art Fair annually. In addition to the above, one would be able to appreciate the scenic beauty in the Central Park every season and it is frequently used as a set to produce films and dramas.

The city is also proud of Seohyeon and Jeongja Café Street where people can enjoy food, cultural activities, exotic cafes, shopping and the dynamic night atmosphere of streets. Also, try visiting the Moran Folk Market where you can experience many different traditions of Korea.

Seongnam City is one of the best tourist cities in Korea as it offers a beautiful urban environment, an abundance of tourist attractions, a convenient subway and transportation system connecting Seoul to the surrounding cities.

Above all, as a new town in the metropolitan areas, Seongnam is growing as the cradle of IT & high-tech industries with its techno and business parks. Seongnam has great conditions, ideal for many industries. It is operating a networking system with local universities, providing comprehensive support of excellent human resources, finance, technology and distribution. Many companies and research centers are moving into Seongnam to work in such successful environment.