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We will create Seongnam City, a city of hope and equal opportunities.

Jae-myung Lee Mayor of Seongnam City

I’m Jae-myung Lee, the Mayor of Seongnam City.

Welcome to all fellow citizens of Seongnam and Internet users, and thank you for visiting the Seongnam City Website.
It goes without saying that the city of Seongnam belongs to none other than our respected citizens.
With this in mind, I am determined to make our beloved city a place that serves the true happiness of its residents and I will demonstrate it through actions and not just through words.

In Seongnam, there will be much love and affection amongst families and neighbors. Minorities will feel that they are being sincerely cared for. No one will be held back by the social or economic status.

Most importantly, all citizens will be offered equal opportunities. In short, it will be a city of endless hopes and dreams.

Fellow citizens of Seongnam City and Internet users,
Building the future of Seongnam is a collective effort.

Therefore, this municipal government is ready to provide information on administrative matters in a transparent manner to all citizens and Internet users.
We will also keep our ears always open so we ask for your honest criticisms and opinions that are valuable to the continuing development of Seongnam City.

Thank You.

Jae-myung Lee
Mayor of Seongnam City