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Daegwangmyeongjeon, Bongguksa Temple

Bongguksa Temple is located at the southwest foot of Yeongjangsan Mountain and is directly supervised by Korean Buddhist Jogye Order. The temple was established by the monk called Beopheon in the 19th year of King Hyeonjong of Goryeo (in 1028) and then left abandoned. It was rebuilt by the monk Damhwa in the 4th year of King Taejo of Joseon (in 1395) and then remodeled by the monk Ilchukjonja in the 15th year of King Hyeonjong (in 1674) to pray for the repose of two princesses of Myeonghye and Myeongseon. Since then, the temple has been called Bongguksa. Daegwangmyeongjeon which is Tangible Treasure No. 101 of Gyeonggi-do shows the style of temple construction during the late Joseon era although most parts of the temple including its stylobates, founding stone and roof were repaired.

Temple Daegwangmyeongjeon photo
Temple Daegwangmyeongjeon photo
  • Address : 79, Taepyeong-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam City (Taepyeong-dong)
  • Phone : 031-755-0329
  • Website :
  • How to get here
    • Subway : Get off at Gachon University or Taepyeong Station
    • Bus

      Get off at Jungang Market bus stop
      2, 50, 220,917,9009

      Get off at Taepyeongogeori bus stop
      88, 100, 917

      Get off at Gachon University bus stop
      5, 30, 30-1, 32, 70, 100, 302, 303, 500-1, 500-2, 1116

Amitabha Buddha saving all creatures with complete wisdom and mercy
Daegwangmyeongjeon, Bongguksa Temple imgae

Daegwangmyeongjeon of Bongguksa Temple is the Tangible Treasure No. 101 of Gyeonggi-do and was a shrine to serve Vairocana Buddha but now the shrine serves Amitabha Buddha. The shrine has a gabled roof with a look of a Chinese character ‘人’ in a Jusimpo style. Its roof is relatively bigger compared to its building size and therefore the shrine looks very solemn. A Buddhist altar is located at the center of the shrine with a wooden statue of sitting Amitabha Buddha together with statues of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva on each side and a splendid canopy on top of the statue.