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Bundang Daegwangsa Temple

Daegwangsa Temple is located at Gumi-dong, Bundang-gu, the southeast area of Seongnam and the valley located at Maegok-ri, Opo-myeon, Gwangju-gun was referred to the ‘Valley of Buddha’ according to the ‘records of Joseon Dynasty’. The temple is located in an area close to various public institutions such as Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea Land & Housing Corporation and Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled and advanced IT companies. Daegwangsa Temple of Lotus School which is located at 335m above sea level over an area of 33,057㎡ on the foot of Bulgoksan Mountain is the largest temple in the metropolitan area and an inauguration ceremony to preserve the statue of the great Buddha and a ceremony to serve Buddha Triad were held in 2001. 3-storey wooden shrine with a height of 33m and a building area of 661㎡ which make it the biggest wooden shrine in the East is now under construction together with the traditional meditation center of Lotus School and J igwanjeon with 3 ground floors and an area of 9,917㎡. The temple will be the landmark of Seongnam representing the temple architecture in the metropolitan area once the construction is completed. Daegwangsa Temple offers regular ceremonies on a monthly basis, trainings for religious dogma by invited professors and cultural classes for visitors while organizing a choir, women’s groups, youth groups, tea ceremony meetings, children’s groups and volunteering groups to spread the thoughts of Buddha. In particular, the temple operates shuttle buses for visitors between the downtown and the temple and temple stay programs have been newly created so that citizens from the metropolitan area can easily experience the Buddhism culture.

Bundang Daegwangsa Temple photo
Bundang Daegwangsa Temple photo
  • Subject : Individuals, foreigners, school and company groups
  • Programs : One-day Temple Life (30,000 KRW for adults and 20,000 KRW for children and youth) Be the Owner of My Mind for one night (50,000 KRW for adults and 30,000 KRW for children and youth)
  • Contents : Buddhist service, 108 prostrations, communal Buddhist meal service, walking meditation, tea ceremony
  • Application : Daegwangsa Temple Stay Website (
  • Phone : 031-715-3000
  • Address : 30, Gumi-ro 185beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si (Gumi-dong)
How to get here.
  • Car

    Drive to Bundang and then follow the road sign to Seoul National University Hospital. Drive to Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled. The temple is located at Mujigae Village of Gumi-dong (street address 295).

  • Subway

    Take the local buses No. 1, 2 or 7 at Exit 3 of Ori or Migeum Station. It will take 7 to 8 minutes and all the local buses to the temple have the temple stickers on them.

  • Local Bus

    The local bus No. 1 travels between Exit 3, Migeum Station and the temple every hour at 30 minutes past.
    The first one: 06:00 until 22:30 [60 minutes of intervals]