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Land & Housing Museum

Land & Housing Museum is a specialized museum operated by Korea Land & Housing Corporation. The museum opened in July, 1997 and with the launch of Korea Land & Housing Corporation in 2009, the Land Museum and Housing & Urban Museum became integrated, thus the museum was renamed as Land & Housing Museum. . The museum has about 50,000 relics related to land registers, land and housing transaction documents, ancient maps and land registration maps and its exhibition hall was renovated in 2011 based on a theme ‘History of Civil Engineering and Construction in Korea’ . In addition, since 2000,, Land & Housing Museum College operated by the museum as part of its social responsibility as a public enterprise offers 4 courses on traditional culture, world culture, tea ceremony and ancient documentations twice a year and each semester is comprised of domestic and international field investigations as well as specialized lectures. The college is highly acclaimed for the best social education programs in Korea.
The museum also supervises work related to cultural heritages within its business territory nationwide for the purpose of preserving cultural heritages against development projects while serving as an organization for heritage exploration resulting in a number of academic achievements such as active excavation works in the areas of Gaeseong Industrial Complex, Namhansanseong Fortress and Yeoncheon Horogoru Castle.

Land & Housing Museum photo
Land & Housing Museum Location
  • Address : 1F, Korea Land & Housing Corporation Building, 172, Dolma-ro , Bundanggu, Seongnam-si (Jeongja-dong)
  • Phone : 031-738-8294
  • Website :
  • Operation hours : 10:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Saturday)
  • Closed on : Every Sundays, holidays, October 01 (founding anniversary), May 01 (Labor Day) and other dates designated by the director of the museum
  • How to get here
    • Bus : Bus stop (Korea Land & Housing Corporation, Korea Gas Corporation)
    • Subway : Take buses No. 51, 77-1, 720-2 or 33-1 to E-Mar tat Exit 3, Migeum Station, Subway Bundang Line and then get off at Korea Land & Housing Corporation bus stop