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Namhansanseong Fortress

Namhansanseong Fortress, UNESCO World Heritage Site (Historical Site No. 57) was one of the two fortresses together with Bukhansanseong Fortress to protect the capital of Seoul and was constructed in the second year of King Injo (in 1624) by using the remains of Jujangseong Castle of the Silla era. The fortress is located across three cities of Seongnam, Gwangju and Hanam and it consists of the main castle, external castle and inner castle. There are almost 200 cultural heritages including facilities called Sueojangdae, Cheongnyangdang, Sungyeoljeon, Hyeonjeolsa Temple and Mangwolsa Temple within the fortress. By being enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Namhansanseong, with its 400 years of history, has become a proud cultural heritage of Korea that has gained international recognition and more tourists from all over the world are expected to visit.

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  • Location : Seongnam-si, Gwangju-si and Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Altitude : Geomdansan Mountain (524.8m); Cheongnyangsan Mountain (481.2m)
  • Enquiry : Afforestation Department, Seongnam City Hall
Namhansanseong Tracking Courses
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Namhansanseong was a fortress together with Bukhansanseong to protect Seoul since the Silla era when the castle was built as a strategic point. Walking alongside the fortress is like tracking rather than climbing and therefore people feel easy and comfortable. It means something more for them as they can see a lot of cultural heritages while tracking.
There is the biggest pine tree habitat in the metropolitan area and autumn leaves and winter snowflakes also shows spectacles to visitors just like any beautiful mountains.

(Hours : Minutes)

Course 1(2h 30m)-Kunwoo Apt.-Yeongjangsan Mountain(13)-Mineral Spring(16)-Yeongchun jeongji(60)-Bulmangbi(7)-South Gate(28)/Course 2(2h 5m)-South Gate-Mountain Post(12)-GeomdansanMountain(35)-Mansucheon Spring(10)-Top of Mangdeoksan Mountain(19)-Top of Hyeongjebong(19)-Ibaejaegogae(30)/Course 3(1h 55m)-Hwangsong Park-Sagimak String(15)-Mangdeok Spring(40)-Mountain Post(20)-South Gate(10)-Management Office(30)
Nearby Attractions
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Sanseong Park

Sanseong Park is in harmony with the valley streams from south gate, exotic landscaping and blue forests.
The Park is located at the side to Eunhaeng-dong, Jungwon-gu and consists of folk craft exhibition hall, park and performance facility serving as a resting place for citizens. In particular, its foot acupressure site is popular for visitors and many people love to visit the park for its clean spring and tasty restaurant.

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Namhansanseong Fortress Walkway

While walking alongside the fortress, the soils on the walkway and the stones of the fortress seem like telling their stories of the old history.
Namhansanseong is called a living heritage and was designated as a provincial park in 1971 beginning its maintenance and remodeling.
5.1km of the fortress line had been repaired until 1997 and the fortress began to restore its original look. The circumference of the main castle is 7,545m and the total length of the fortress including all facilities marks 12.356㎞.
The number of visitors to Namhansanseong Fortress began to increase as the tracking courses were established for easy and comfortable walking for them.