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Seongnam City has been working hard to improve citizens' rights and expanding the scope of their participation in its operation based on diverse systems and programs that can help the municipal affairs more reliable and trustworthy. They include the open personnel system, real name-based policies, administrative council, civic recall, and opening of the job expenses.
Citizens have been encouraged to view the homepage. This marks the first time the citizens can access city information and make decision themselves what to do about city affairs.


Seongnam City Welfare

Seongnam City runs various welfare programs for the alienated, common people, and adolescents. Being a warm, loving home for every class of citizens, each support facility is actively engaged in day care service for working moms, school lunch service for undernourished children, home dispatch voluntary service for those elders who can not leave their houses, and the integrated job service to promote the employment of the disabled and to help their rehabilitation, independence, and better working conditions.
In addition to those, the city invests time and money for more various and effective policies.


Seongnam City Environment

Luxuriant forests, beautiful mountains and various theme parks make Seongnam city one of the most enchanting places in Korea.
Seongnam city is well equipped with environmental protection facilities such as sewage disposal plants, filtration plants and waste destruction plants which sustains the natural beauty of the environment.
Much effort has been made to protect the natural beauty of Seongnam city. Seongnam pays extra attention to conserving green areas, and its efforts include the Seongnam ecological Network and Study Center for Natural Ecological Environment.
Seongnam is also very proud of the many parks and the huge theme parks.


Seongnam City Traffic

Seongnam has been connected to the mayor highways such as the Gyeongbu High-way and state roads and is easily accessible from any place in the country. The two subway lines that going through the downtown makes Seongnam as a center of the Seoul Metropolitan traffic network. Recently it has introduced the environment-friendly and highly advanced new traffic system and established a more effective transportation system, making a great contribution to the smooth flow of the traffic in the metropolitan area.