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Seongnam City Symbols

Symbolizes royal azalea which is flower of the city, Namhansanseong Fortress; the 21st century which represents the development of a new city as well as the beginning Seongnam city developing harmoniously.

  • 5 Petals of Royal Azalea : Defines the harmonious development of economy, society, culture, education and welfare
  • Fortress (Inside the Royal Azalea) : Portrays Namhansanseong Fortress, defining the noble spirit of Seongnam City wisely succeeding the traditions of the history and preparing for a future filled with hope
  • Pillar (Inside the oval) : Symbolizes Seongnam City developing into a modern city and taking a great leap forward dynamically
  • Red : Lively Seongnam City with promising development
  • Yellow : Friendly Seongnam City developing by succeeding the traditions of the history
  • Blue : Pleasant Seongnam City with clear and green environment


Seongnam City Mascot

A pair of male and female mascots representing the oval image, a topography of Seongnam City portraying advance space in the future as well as the future, nature, science, tradition, environment and happiness based on the motif of the historic image of Namhansanseong

  • Saenami (left) : Represents the skyscrapers
  • Saerongyi (right) : Represents the motif of Tancheon Stream, the lifeline of the development of Seongnam City