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  • Namhansanseong Fortress, UNESCO World Heritage Site(Historical Site No. 57) was one of the two fortresses together with Bukhansanseong Fortress to protect the capital of Seoul and was constructed in the second year...
  • Daegwangmyeongjeon, Bongguksa Temple - Bonggukasa Temple is located at the southwest foot of Yeongjjangsan Mountain and is directly supervised by Korean Buddhist Jogye Order. The temple was estabished by the monk called Beopeon in the 19th year of King Hyeonjong
  • Bundang Daegwangsa Temple - Daegwangsa Temple is located at Gumi-dong, Bundang-gu, the southeast area of Seongnam and the valley located at Maegok-ri, Opo-myeon, Gwangju-gun was referred to the 'Valley of Buddha' according to the 'records of...
  • Pangyo Museum - Pangyo Museum displays the history of Seongnamwith 9 pieces of Hanseong Baekje relics which are evidences of cultural exchanges in Borheast Asia during the period of the Three Kingdom and 2 stone tombs which are...
  • Land & Housing Museum - Land & Housing Museum is a specialized museum operated by Korea Land & Housing Corporation, The museum opened in July. 1997 and with the launch of Korea Land & Housing Corporation in 2009. the Land Museum and...
  • Nara Repository - Nara Repository is a facility shich was established by Act on the Management of Archives pursuant to the 'Actrelated ot the Archive Management of Public Institutes' enacted in 1999 to preserve national records  of the past...
  • Folk Craft Exhibition Hall - Folk Craft Exhibition Hall, situated in the beautiful Namhansanseong Park demonsstrates hamony among history. culture and nature. in drder to revive the traditional handicraft of Korea, a lot of intangible cultural assets and...

Introduction of Seongnam City

The execllent residential area and numerousculture centers also add to the city’s attractiveness.
Seongnam city ranks as the most satisfactory place to live in.


I'm Jae-myung Lee,
the Mayor of
Seongnam City.

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