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Seongnam Arts Center

Since it was established in October, 2005, Seongnam Arts Center has been a cultural place for the local community with an outlook for the world. The center creates its original culture contents such as premieres of the world best artists and self produced programs including the original musical ‘Namhansanseong’. Centered on the 3 theaters, Opera House, Concert Hall and Ensemble Theater, they act as a haven a resting place for citizens to enjoy culture together with various facilities such as galleries, world musical instrument exhibition and Seongnam Media Center. In addition, Seongnam Civic Center, Outdoor Theater of Jungang Park and Book Theme Park which are located in the vicinity of to the center add pleasure to your daily life.
Seongnam Arts Center is ready to offer various performance arts contents and creative programs for this year. ‘Seongnam Culture Foundation where citizens are owners’ and ‘Seongnam Arts Center where citizens feel happy’ together with their facilities wide open to the community awaits visitors.

Seongnam Art Center photo
Seongnam Art Center Location
  • Address : 808, Seongnam-daero (Yatap-dong), Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si
  • Phone : 031-783-8000
  • Website :
  • How to get here

    Walk 10 minutes from Exit 1, Imae Station
    (Seongnam Arts Center), Subway Bundang Line

Cube Plaza
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Cube Plaza with a unique look with a series of cubes is a complex cultural facility where various facilities such as Seongnam Media Center, Cube Art Gallery, Media Hall and the cafe are located together. The plaza is a place where people can visit anytime for Seongnam Media Center, a space of meeting and communication through media, Media Hall, a space for movies, Cube Art Gallery, a space for exhibitions, restaurant and cafe, and ‘Beautiful Store’, a place for sharing although there is no performance available in the center.
Seongnam Media Center
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Seongnam Media Center is a place for learning, meeting, creation and communication through media. The center has a multipurpose open studio available for video recording and experience programs, a sound studio for production of radio programs, a media workshop for editing, a digital training and lecture room for various media classes, a media library where citizens enjoy for free, a small movie theater and club activity rooms.
Opera House
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Opera House has an advanced performance facility with 1,804 seats and is a multipurpose performance hall covering all genres of performance arts. Guests can enjoy various genres of performance arts from full-size orchestra concerts to operas, ballets and musicals in this best space.
Concert Hall
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Concert Hall is an acoustic performance hall with a place for choirs and 994 seats. The hall is characterized by its excellent sound effect optimized for classical music and offers premium classical performances covering recitals, chamber music, consorts and orchestras. The hall looks like a grand piano from a view at top and is an arenatype hall without stage curtains to ensure all guests feel comfortable in enjoying performances.
Ensemble Theater
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Ensemble Theater is the smallest one of three theaters of Seongnam Arts Center and has 378 seats for intermedia art performances. The theater is for a variety of performances such as plays, recitals, experimental ones.
It has a front stage and a T-shape stage which progresses to guest seats and its system including a rotation device of the main stage maximize the wide range of imaginations and enables guest friendly performance direction in which the stage and guests interact.
World Musical Instrument Exhibition
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World Musical Instrument Exhibition consists of ‘Asia·Oceania Hall’, ‘Africa·North and South America, Europe Hall’ and an experience hall. Various musical instruments collected from all over the world are waiting for visitors. A touch screen located at the center of the exhibition displays descriptions of each musical instrument, its distribution map and actual playing videos so that visitors can observe the history and culture of the countries where those instruments are played.