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Cheonggyesan Mountain

Cheonggyesan Mountain was also called ‘Cheongnyongsan (blue dragon mountain)’ where a blue dragon ascended to heaven and is one of the most beautiful mountains in the metropolitan area consisting of multiple mountaintops such as Maebong, Subong and Guksabong. The mountain is famous as a hermitage of loyalty for those scholars with integrity such as Lee Saek, Jeong Yeo-chang and Chusa Kim Jeong-hui and there is a temple called ‘Cheonggyesa’ which is famous for Udumbara where a lot of climbers and Buddhists visit. Ridges down to north and south unfold beautiful sceneries of the mountain and it is a perfect place for light tracking across the rich forest and valleys.

Cheonggyesan Mountain photo
  • Location : Seongnam-si, Uiwang-si and Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do and Seocho-gu, Seoul
  • Altitude : 615.4m
  • Enquiry : Afforestation Department, Seongnam City Hall 031 729 4301-4
Cheonggyesan Mountain photo

(Hours : Minutes)

Course 1(3h 40m)-yetgol tracking entrance-maebong(91)-hyeobeupjae(14)-cheonggyesan mountain(7)-isubong(30)-buksabong(34)-haogogae(41)/course 2(3h 40m)-yetgol tracking entrance-maebong(91)-hyeobeupjae(14)-cheonggyesan mountain(7)-isubong(30)-mokbaedeung(35)-bongojae entrance(45)/Course 3(3h)-yetgol tracking entrance-kkalttakoggae(43)-isubong(30)-guksabong(34)-neungangol tracking entrance(73)/Coutse4(2h 20m)-innuengsan tracking entrance-innuengsan mountain(68)-sinchondong tracking entrance(68)