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Jeongja-dong Cafe Street

Mild scent of coffee and music greet you as you walk along Jeongja-dong Cafe Street. Each building has its unique design and luxurious lightings remaking this place exotic and delightful. As a number of cafes started to open along the street, it started being referred to as Jeongja-dong Cafe Street and each coffeehouse made its own terrace showcasing charming and exotic moods. So it is sometimes called ‘Terrace Street’ or ‘Jeongja-dong European Style Street’.
There are about 40 cafes and restaurants alongside the four-lane road and this stretch of 500m road is located between Paragon and Santeview Regency, multi-purpose buildings while each offers unique its taste and mood. The street is a popular location for dramas and movies thanks to its exotic street style. Exit 4 of Jeongja Station in Subway Bundang line, Bundang Jeongja Youth Training Center, Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency, Areum Broadcasting Network and Bundang Police Station are located close to the cafe street.

Jeongja-dong Cafe Street photo
The best love stories are as many as the number of lovers
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You may guess that three are too many and one is too small for the number of people walking together alongside various cafes and zelkova trees which make cool shades.
Maybe it’s because they look so happy walking in steps. Zelkova trees on the street create cool shades in summer, fallen leaves in autumn and romantic mood in winter. People feel the sweet flavor of coffee and enjoy the mood of the street. When the cafe lightings softly turn on the street after sunset, the time enters a new phase. What they have known over time or they just realized highlights the street under their lightings. Confessions, the time stops at this moment and the world fades away to the universe leaving them behind.
The beauty which is different from the one of the day fills out the street at night for what we need to keep inside.
Jeongja-dong Cafe Street imgae1
A day is too short for them. They visit not only cafes but also lovely fancy shops, luxurious galleries, trendy fashion shops and unique accessory shops to give presents to each other. They feel excited quite a long imagining what they received before unwrapping them. They walk together alongside the beautiful walkway of Tancheon Stream leaving the glamorous lights behind.
Tancheon Stream which flows behind Jeongja-dong Cafe Street is something like an end to complete a romantic day.
The stream bears lightings from the street and is like giving other gifts to lovers walking alongside the stream. They will meet a new cafe street called Tancheon Streamside Cafe Street. The street looks a little bit chic compared to Jeongja-dong Cafe Street but it will remain as a memory in their hearts.