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Jungang Park

Jungang Park is located in Sunae-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si and it prides in natural sceneries with native plants and trees based on the original geographical and forest environments of the area. The park is famous for its beautiful landscaping , attracting a lot of movies, TV programs and commercial ads being filmed in the park. People from Japan and Taiwan also visit the park for benchmarking. Four overpasses which are connected to the nearby apartments were constructed to ensure easy access for the public. The overpasses were designed taking into account the disabled so that they can use them with wheelchairs together with braille blocks for the blind. The park also rents baby carriages for parents with infants and has a nursing room for mothers.
There are landscaping facilities such as the lake, fountains, spinning wheels, grass square, evergreen tree square, Yeongmal square and Hwangsaeul square together with exercise facilities covering badminton courts, gateball park, life energyexercise field and complex sports facility. Among all those facilities, Bundang Lake which penetrates the park was created by drawing water from Bundangcheon Stream. The park is 12,500m² and it was created by benchmarking Anapji Pond at Gyeongju which explains its scenic beauty. Two islands are connected by three stone bridges and Dolamgak and Sunaejeong which were built based on Gyeonghoeru Pavilion of Gyeongbokgung Palace and Aeryeonjeong Pavilion of Changdeokgung Palace are the special spots of the park.
There are also cultural facilities such as the outdoor performance hall and a zoo. Various cultural events and performances are held in the performance hall. Traditional Korean house in Sunae-dong which was designated as the national cultural heritage was restored and also a dolmen garden was built. Sunae-dong house is the head house of Hansan Lee families and the dolmen garden has 10 pieces of dolmens which is spread over the areas of Seongnam. In addition, the park also has amenities such as pavilions, parking lot, rest rooms and watch tower. Seoheyon Station of Subway Bundang Line is in a 10-minute walking distance and there are Namhansanseong Fortress and Land Museum close to the park.

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Jungang Park Location
  • Address : 550, Seongnam-daero (65, Sunae-dong), Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si
  • Phone : 031-729-4907
  • Park facilities : Pond, fountain, gress square, spinning wheel, badminton court, gateball park, life energy exercise field, complex sports facility, outdoor performance hall, outdoor stage, Sunae-dong house (regional cultural heriage), dolmens, zoo, pavilion, parking lot, rest room, watch tower, etc.
  • How to get here
    • Bus : 2, 17-1, 33-1, 45-2, 66-1, 77-1, 116, 119,303, 670, 700, 720, 736-1, 820, 861, 906, 909, 910, 1001, 1001-1, 1005, 1005-1, 1116, 51
    • Subway : Walk 10 minutes from Seohyeon Station, Subway Bundang Line