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  • Medical Tour in Seongnam City

    As a new growth engine industry, medical tours have contributed to creating high values and stimulating the local economy by attracting foreign medical tourists.

    • Project Overview
      • Revision of the Medical Act (Jan. 30, 2009): Enticing and offering services are permitted to attract overseas patients (Enforcement date: May 1, 2009)
      • Project content: Infrastructure establishment for attracting foreign patients and promotion/marketing activities of Seongnam City
      • Project promotion system: Seongnam City Government, Seongnam City’s Medical Tour Conference
      • Establishment of the project promotion system
        • Enactment of ordinance for activating medical tours in Seongnam : Aug. 02, 2013
        • Organization of the Advisory Committee on Medical Tour : Oct. 28, 2014
        • Inauguration of Seongnam City’s Medical Tour Conference : Jan. 11, 2016
    • Current Conditions of the Medical Infrastructure in Seongnam (as of Dec. 2016)
      • Number of hospital-level medical institutes : 45
        • General hospital: 6
        • Ordinary hospital: 17
        • Geriatric/care hospital: 13
        • Dental hospital: 6
        • Oriental medicine hospital: 3
      • Number of clinic-level medical institutes : 1,502
        • Community health center: 4
        • Clinic: 732
        • Dental clinic: 433
        • Oriental medicine clinic: 333
      • Number of specialist medical personnel in Seongnam : 23,933
        • hospital-level: 16,355
        • clinic-level: 7,578
    • Current Conditions of the Registered Institutes for Foreign Patients Attraction (as of Feb. 2017, unit: institute)
      외국인환자 유치 등록 기관 현황
      Classification Seongnam City Gyeonggi-do Nationwide
      total 101 560 5,055
      medical institutes 63 352 3,121
      attraction companies 38 208 1,934
    • Current Conditions of Project Promotion
      • Growth trend of attracting foreign patients per year
        2011년 1,154명/2012년 1,520명/2013년 1,975명/2014년 6,150명/2015년 7,100명
      • Medical revenues per year
        2013년 41억원/2014년 108억원/2015년 177억원
      • Current conditions of attraction per nationality
        중국41%, 카자호26%, 미국 13%, 몽골5%, 러시아5%, UAE4%, 베트남2%, 일본1%, 필리핀1%
  • Medical Tour Safety System of Seongnam City

    When medical accidents occur with foreign medical tourists visiting Seongnam City, a dispute mediation by the city government helps increase the reliability of medical tours.

    Operation of Medical (Tour) Dispute Mediation Committee in Seongnam City

    의료분쟁이 발생하면 성남시 의료관광지원센터 접수 및 신고 후 분쟁조정 위원회 심의 후 재수술, 치료 결정(지원금 지급) 후 결과보고(사건종료)
  • Incentive System

    • One-stop Service

      One-stop service from entry to departure including airport pick-up, hotel reservation, etc.

    • Native Language Translation Service

      Translation service in various languages

    • Preferential service

      Priority reservations for foreigners

      Interpretation service in various languages

  • Strategies tailored for each country

    Strategies tailored for each country
  • Introduction of Seongnam City’s Medical Tour BI

    성남시 의료관광 BI 이미지
    • Figuration of a “magpie,” the official bird of our city
    • Symbolizes an invitation and welcome to guests, good news and good luck
    • Creates a prestigious image through the harmony of black and gold colors
    • The image of a soaring magpie represents the medical tour industry of our city as taking a leap as a global medical tour city.