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Pangyo IQuarium

Pangyo Digital IQuarium is a digital aquarium based on a new concept and it is located close to Exit 1, Pangyo Station, Subway Sinbundang Line. The iQarium is well known as ‘an aquarium without water’ and ‘an aquarium with a dugong’ and it has been selected as one of Top 10 Experiences of 2013 by Gyeonggi Tourism Organization giving it a high reputation.
Explorers who dive into the digital sea of IQuarium pass through 11 different oceans, each with a unique concept, such as the Tunnel of Evolution, and The Last Ocean so there is no time to spare. They compete with one another and can confirm their current points and rankings in real time during the exploration based on the number of fish they caught and results of various missions.
They can observe and learn about the diverse marine organisms starting from extinguished ancient fishes to rare ones covering over 80 species with smart devices which are distributed the at entrance. In addition, a dedicated guide for each group informs them of ocean floor bases and marine ecology , ensuring that visitors do not miss a single piece of information about marine organisms.
The aquarium also has a cafe for lovers and parents a souvenir shop. While their children explore the marine experience safely with aqua docents for one as well as a half hour, parents can enjoy conversations with one another in this spacious and quite cafe.
How about spending your summer days in Pangyo Digital IQuarium where you can explore the you can enjoy the extensive chronology of the sea as well as the various marine organisms that would guide you through deep into the sea?

Pangyo IQuarium photo Pangyo IQuarium photo
Pangyo IQuarium Location
  • Address : U Space Mall B1, 660, Daewangpangyo-ro (Sampyeong-dong), Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si
  • Phone : 031-628-4880 (advance reservation required)
  • Website :
  • How to get here
    • Subway
      Get off at Pangyo Station to Exit 1 and then walk 10 minutes
      Get off at Pangyo Station to the north side bus stop
    • Car
      Drive from Pangyo IC to Suseo, Bundang and Seopangyo direction, turn left at the side road of the overpass and then go 1 more kilometers alongside Daewangpangyo-ro
  • Visiting information
    Weekdays⁄weekend 10:00 to 17:00 (closed on every Mondays)